The Gravity Bank

Is a public space sculpture that uses the dynamic movement of weights to generate clean electricity where you can charge your phone directly. In addition to creating a responsive space around it for people to interact together.

How it works

When the pulling rope is released, the weights drop down slowly generating electricty in the process.




When all the weights fall to the bottom the energy storage is empty and no electricity is emitted. The rope can be pulled again to raise the weights up.

After all the weights are pulled to the top the charge is at maximum capacity and automatically released to discharge into the network or for personal use in the outlets.


can be used as storage of energy in the form of potential energy. The gravity bank capitalizes on this by people pulling a rope to lift the weights, we use a turbine then to take the descending motion of the weights and turn it into electricity. This is very similar to a wind turbine, however not the wind that turns the turbine, it's the weights sliding motion.

Internal Mechanism

You can use then any of the three electric outlets to charge a phone or an electric bike. In addition to the possibility of injecting the unused electricity back into the grid.

The Gravity Bank

Establishes a new way of how we deal with public space and introduces the idea of gravity batteries on a personal scale to help create a more environmentally friendly urban atmosphere.

The Incremental Steps

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